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Doula Stories

Welcome to the Gentle Passage Doula Collective's Library, your gateway to a wealth of knowledge on death, dying, end-of-life planning, and the remarkable journey of becoming a certified Death Doula. Here, we invite you to explore an extensive collection of insightful blogs and articles carefully curated by our compassionate team of doulas.

At Gentle Passage, we believe death is an integral part of life, deserving of understanding, support, and respect. Our Library serves as a valuable resource, offering a diverse range of perspectives, experiences, and practical guidance to empower individuals, families, and communities in navigating the sacred transition of dying.

We invite you to explore the Gentle Passage Doula Collective's Library and immerse yourself in the wisdom and compassion that our doulas have shared. Whether you seek solace, knowledge, or inspiration, our Library is a sanctuary where you can find guidance, comfort, and a deeper connection to the profound beauty that resides within the circle of life and death.

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