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GPDC has some of our favorite resources to share with you on loss, grief, death and how to prepare for these events in your life and your loves ones life. We want to share these resources with you whenever you may need them, it's our way of helping you out if you aren't ready to connect with us. Should you need any support or have any questions, we'd love to deepen our relationship with you, contact us here.

Pile Of Books

Top 12 Books for Grief

We refer to books to help with great life events. These passages can help you and your loved ones connect with your emotions and feelings to help ease and support you during this time. These are our favorite books that we've recommended for years. We hope they can offer some support to you.

Holding Hands

Support Material

We have material to provide additional support helping you navigate this end of life world. We can walk you through these forms and also offering workshops, webinars and personal sessions where we discuss these more in-depth.

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