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Welcome to our Testimonials Page, where the voices of our Death Doula Certification Course students speak for themselves. Discover the transformative experiences and heartfelt stories that highlight the profound impact of our program. These testimonials are a testament to the power of our collective journey in end-of-life care.

Jennifer Corona

"I attended the first in-person doula training with Gentle Passage Doula in January 2023.I had taken an on-line course that gave me a  broad idea of what an End-of-Life-Doula does. It did not give me a clear idea of how I would like to work in the role of a doula. Each of the women in the Gentle Passage Doula Collective has a different focus for their role as a doula. What their course did for me was to give me clarity on where I wanted my focus to be, and how to move forward with a clear path.  

All the information shared was very helpful and provided a specific guide for the different areas in which doulas practice.  Each of these ladies has a different area of expertise.  What was of the most benefit to me was the clarity of not only how they do what they do, but the why.  

The "why" made a big difference to me in defining the path I want to take as a doula."

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Betsy K.jpeg

Betsy Kusenberg, CN

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the training last weekend. A whole world of possibilities seems to have opened up before my eyes, and that’s saying a lot after the last 3 years of Covid!

Honestly, I have never experienced anything remotely like it.”

Kacie Marie, RD 

"The End of Life Doula Training with Gentle Passage Doula Collective was one of the most engaging, welcoming, informative, and nurturing learning circles that I have had the honor of participating in. With the culmination of experience and wisdom that Kathy, Bonnie, Kathleen, Maureen, and Colleen bring to this space, I immediately felt safe and at home.

With such an emotional topic as End of Life Care, these women navigated it gracefully - with intelligence, humor, and love. I am excited to see where a career in the EOL doula field might take me. Eleven out of ten would recommend it to absolutely anyone and everyone!"

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Jenny Simons

"The Gentle Passage Doula Collective training course focuses on helping new doulas have a strong foundation to launch a doula practice. We came together to hear the Collective teach us the practical, the wonderous and the spiritual side of being a doula. The workbook is filled with handouts to guide us, poems and vignettes to inspire us, checklists to use when working with clients, and so much more. We shared, we asked questions, and we participated in the lessons. It was wonderous to see how the other participants were leaning into one niche or another. 
If you are thinking about being a doula, using a doula or if it is important to have a doula, please speak to any of the women in this collective. They ae an amazing group that is filled with knowledge, compassion and options."

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