We Are a Doula Collective

We came together because of our medical backgrounds as nurses, dietitians, and a social worker; but we have additional skills, education and the willingness to expand. We all have individual businesses and we formed a collective to focus on our passion...to educate and remove fear from dying. We are approaching our services holistically by equipping people with the tools to prepare for the inevitable outcome of life...which is death. 


We are a collective to support each other, collaborate with our diverse expertise and skills, while offering these services to the public. 


Kathy Bates

Social Worker, Certified End of Life Doula, Educator

  • Healing Arts, 40+ years

  • Degree in Criminology – Corrections 

  • Co – Owner of a Private Counseling Practice 

  • Social Worker, 30+ years 

    • Skilled Nursing Facilities

    • Memory Care, Dementia 

    • Mental Health

    • Acute Rehab

    • End of Life Care 

  • Geriatric Mental Health Specialist, Gerontology Certified

  • Community Education

    • Mental Health

    • Anxiety and Depression

    • End of Life Care

  • Sacred Passage End of Life Doula, Conscious Dying Institute


Bonnie Blachly

RN, Educator, Certified End of Life Doula

  • Masters-Prepared RN, Focus with End of Life Care, 40+ years 

  • University of Washington, Bothell, Faculty

    • RN to BSN students 

    • Course Content on Death and Dying, including Ethics around that topic

  • Death and Dying Workshops

  • End of Life Nursing Education Consortium (Core and Geriatric Curriculum)

  • Lifespan Doulas

  • Advanced Care Plan Facilitator--Helping People Imagine their Best Vision for their End of Life Experiences and Prepare with Advanced Directives


Richelle Godwin

R.D., Photographer, Yoga Instructor, Educator, Doula

  • Registered Dietitian, 16 years

  • Owner of Health-Crush, a Health & Wellness Consulting Company

  • Spokesperson for Essential Stacks, a Gastrointestinal Supplement Company

  • Co-Formulated Darigold ReFuel, Replenishment Supplement

  • Master Gardener & Board Member of the WSU Master Gardener Foundation of King County

  • Owner of Photo-Crush, Professional Photographer--lifestyle, events, headshots

  • Yoga Instructor, 500 hour certificate


Colleen J Hewes

RN, Certified End of Life Doula, Educator

  • Master's Prepared Registered Nurse Health Care Provider and Educator, 40 years

  • Geriatric and Mental Health ​

  • Community Health

  • ICU and Hospice Team

  • Sacred Passage End of Life Doula, Conscious Dying Institute

  • Conscious Dying Educator and Coach, Conscious Dying Institute

  • Faculty at Loma Linda University, University of Texas Arlington, and UCLA

  • Clinical Doctorate in Chiropractic Health Care

  • Reiki Level 2


Maureen Kures

RN, End of Life Facilitator, Doula, Educator

  • 35+ years as a Registered Nurse

    • Oncology

    • Hospice

    • ICU

    • Pediatrics

  • Radiant Mourning, Owner--Facilitating Family Conversations around End of Life Wishes

  • End of Life Planning

    • Before I Go Solutions, Certified Facilitator

    • Speaking of Dying, Certified Facilitator

  • LegalShield Associate

  • Certified First Steps ACP Facilitator with Honoring Choices PNW


Kathleen Putnam

Certified End of Life Doula, Certified Life Coach, Educator, Registered Dietitian

  • Sacred Passage End of Life Certified Doula, Conscious Dying Institute

  • Life Coach: Transition, Life and Grief

  • Group Facilitator: Grief, Transition, Loss, and Self Care

  • Consultant with Birth, Breath and Death

  • Certified Facilitator: Love, Death, and Letting Go and Pregnancy Loss

  • Master’s prepared Registered Dietitian, 15 years

  • Associate Professor of Nutrition and Human Development in Multiple Higher Education Institutions in Seattle

  • Clinic Supervisor for Graduate Students at Bastyr Natural Health Clinic

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