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We Are a Doula Collective

We came together because of our medical backgrounds as nurses, dietitians, and a social worker; but we have additional skills, education and the willingness to expand. We all have individual businesses and we formed a collective to focus on our educate and remove fear from dying. We are approaching our services holistically by equipping people with the tools to prepare for the inevitable outcome of life...which is death. 


We are a collective to support each other, collaborate with our diverse expertise and skills, while offering these services to the public. 


Kathy Bates

Social Worker, Certified End of Life Doula, Educator

  • Healing Arts, 40+ years

  • Degree in Criminology – Corrections 

  • Co – Owner of a Private Counseling Practice 

  • Social Worker, 30+ years 

    • Skilled Nursing Facilities

    • Memory Care, Dementia 

    • Mental Health

    • Acute Rehab

    • End of Life Care 

  • Geriatric Mental Health Specialist, Gerontology Certified

  • Community Education

    • Mental Health

    • Anxiety and Depression

    • End of Life Care

  • Sacred Passage End of Life Doula, Conscious Dying Institute

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Bonnie Blachly


“It is necessary to meditate early, and often, on the art of dying to succeed later in doing it properly just once.” Umberto Eco, “The Island of the Day Before” 


  • Working with people facing death is very rewarding and sacred work.  As an end-of-life Doula, I walk with those facing life-limiting and life-ending conditions in the capacity that makes sense for my client and their family.  I meet you wherever you are on your trajectory towards the end of your life.  We work together along with your health care team to meet your personal goals to support your legacy footprint for which you will be remembered.  

  • I provide presence as a good listener, witness your experience, and am a calming influence giving support and troubleshooting challenges.  The information I share is non-biased, evidence-based information allowing you to make informed decisions about your care.  I can help you anticipate and plan what you will need down the road, as well as research referrals and other resources that may also provide additional support.  

  • I am an educational speaker and trainer for topics around End-of-Life such as Advance Directives, Provider Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST), Loss, Grief, Mourning and Bereavement, and other topics as requested.  Death and all that entails is a topic many people are afraid to discuss.  Planning can ease your anxiety, promote a sense of calmness and acceptance when the time comes, and ensure your wishes and needs have been met.  

“Be Not Afraid.”

Nancy F's picture.jpeg

Nancy Feely

Certified End of Life Doula


Colleen J Hewes


End of Life Coach and Doula; Conscious Dying Educator

  • Colleen has over 30 years of experience as a Registered Nurse in Geriatric, Behavioral Health and Hospice Nursing. She has been a faculty at Loma Linda University, UCLA, and University of Texas. 

  • A graduate of the Conscious Dying Institute where she is currently  faculty, Colleen will guide and explore with you five domains of living. Asking what is most important to you? What priorities, wishes and dreams will I focus on at the end of my life? What comforting care will I want and need? Her focus is we are living till we die, going beyond Advance Directives, this is a life changing journey.

  • Colleen will walk beside you on this journey, whether diagnosed with a terminal illness or wanting to be more prepared in your end-of-life planning. She is an advocate for the client and family working with other healthcare providers and providing resources that will support your needs.

  • Colleen is also available for organizational talks and classes.

  • “Seek to live a life of awareness so at the end of the journey one can ask, “Did I love well? Did I live fully? Did I learn to let go?" Jack Kornfield

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Maureen Kures

RN, End of Life Facilitator, Doula, Educator

  • Maureen Kures is the CEO and Founder of RadiantMourning.  She's on a mission to guide families to decide, document, and discuss their final chapter plans to bring peace for those who live on. As an oncology, hospice, and ICU nurse for 35 years, she was privileged to provide end-of-life care for many. She saw the devastation that occurred when families hadn’t had candid conversations with their family members. Now she facilitates those conversations with families around the world and leads virtual group workshops to replace drama, trauma, and chaos with calm, ease, and peace.


Kathleen Putnam

Certified End of Life Doula, Certified Life Coach, Educator, Registered Dietitian

  • Sacred Passage End of Life Certified Doula, Conscious Dying Institute

  • Life Coach: Transition, Life and Grief

  • Group Facilitator: Grief, Transition, Loss, and Self Care

  • Consultant with Birth, Breath and Death

  • Certified Facilitator: Love, Death, and Letting Go and Pregnancy Loss

  • Master’s prepared Registered Dietitian, 15 years

  • Associate Professor of Nutrition and Human Development in Multiple Higher Education Institutions in Seattle

  • Clinic Supervisor for Graduate Students at Bastyr Natural Health Clinic

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