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The Who, What, Why, Where and When of a Death Café

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What is a Death Café?

A Death Café is an event where people come together to talk about anything related to Death and Dying. There is usually no charge but there may be an ask or “pass the hat” for a free will offering to cover expenses of snacks, treats and drinks that are offered. There is no agenda, and the conversation is driven by those in attendance. No one is there to sell you a product or publicize a business nor is this allowed. It is not a support group or a counseling session of any kind. It is a Conversation about Death and Dying.

Why Do We Have a Death Café?

We have a Death Café so that people have a place to come and talk about death as it relates to them personally or their family. It is a way to take a very natural process and return it to its rightful place as a normal event culminating our lives. As a society we need to view death as a normal event, not as a negative event. It is not a failure of the medical system. In fact, it is not really a medical event. Death has become an event that we hide in a hospital bed or a nursing home. We no longer see death in the same way as when we were a more agricultural/farming society. A Death Café is an event that helps to take the fear out of death.

Who Comes to a Death Café?

People from all walks of life attend a Death Café. Some attend one regularly every month. Others drop in and out as their schedule allows. Those who have recently experienced a death or are anticipating a future death come. Some come because they are afraid of death and want to talk about it with others. There are a variety of reasons people attend a Death Café.

Where is a Death Café Held?

A Death Café may be held in person or virtually. Many have been held virtually using Zoom during the Pandemic. Otherwise, they are held in-person often in a library, or public meeting space but could also be held in someone’s home. Some are held in a local café or coffee shop.

When is a Death Café Held?

They can be held anytime during the day or evening hours. It is up to the organizing person or agency sponsoring the event. The next Death Café sponsored by Gentle Passage Doula Collective is on Friday, July 9 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. RSVP to our Death Café here, you’ll receive a free virtual Zoom link.

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To learn more about a Death Café, visit the Death Café website at


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